Carbon Limit CO₂ Capturing Concrete - Avoidance and Removals


Carbon Limit's CaptureCrete solution helps decarbonize concrete and the built environment. An additive for cement and concrete, it enables concrete to actively capture and permanently store atmospheric CO2 as a solid carbonate in the concrete.

CaptureCrete combines direct air capture (DAC) with mineral carbonation technology (MCT) to generate high-quality carbon credits with a 1000+ permanence. By mineralizing atmospheric CO2 into concrete, CaptureCrete turns CO2 into solid carbonates that are thermodynamically stable with little to no risk of reversal and no future monitoring required.

Carbon Limit is on a mission to exceed gigaton scale carbon removal while empowering industry stakeholders and customers to positively impact the environment through the use of CaptureCrete to transform any built-environment project into a carbon-capture one.

Carbon Limit looks forward to great partnership with carbon credit purchasers that will help transform concrete into an impactful solution to our global CO2 pollution problem.


Concrete Curing


Avoidance And Removal



Carbon Limit


XPRIZE Carbon Removal finalist
Pioneers new technology
Improves local air quality
Operates in multiple countries
Supplier operational 1-3 years

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