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Running Tide is on a mission to improve ocean health, rebalance the carbon cycle, restore marine ecosystems, and revitalize coastal communities. The ocean is in rapid and accelerating decline. Running Tide believes that we have the responsibility — and ability — to act. The company designs cutting-edge ocean health diagnostics, monitoring, and measurement capabilities, then deploys comprehensive solutions that improve ocean health at scale. The Running Tide system combines multiple natural carbon removal pathways. To begin with, Running Tide sustainably sources terrestrial biomass such as forestry byproducts, which contain carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere via burning or disposal. This biomass is then processed into buoys, coated with calcium carbonate, seeded with macroalgae (i.e. kelp), and deployed into the open ocean. While the buoy is floating, the macroalgae captures carbon from the upper ocean and atmosphere. At the same time, the calcium carbonate gradually dissolves, and in the process acts as a natural ocean alkalinity enhancement. After an optimized period of growth, the entire system loses buoyancy and sinks to the deep ocean, where the carbon is safely stored.
Running Tide’s multi-pathway system can scale to make a meaningful contribution to solving the climate crisis, because it utilizes natural phenomena —photosynthesis, mineralization, ocean currents, and gravity to remove and store carbon in the deep ocean, which is already the world’s largest natural carbon sink. In addition to capturing and storing carbon, Running Tide’s system combats ocean acidification: a consequence of carbon cycle imbalance that is causing mass extinction of marine life and devastating coastal communities.


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