WHY CTV Reigns Supreme in the Attention Economy

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    May CTV Have Your Attention, Please?

    Video has long been a key medium for communicating a brand’s story and message, and CTV has become the perfect place to combine the big screen and high impact of TV with more measurable digital channels.

    Attention is also becoming a key metric through which to assess the impact of your advertising campaign. However, there has been a lack of research into exactly how the user experience and user behavior manifests in front of the CTV screen.
    In our latest research we not only wanted to understand the viewers’ experience and behavior but also user attention in CTV and how this compares to viewing on both linear TV and other platforms such as social video. Our research revealed:
    • 82% attention rate for CTV, vs 69% for linear TV and 42% for social video
    • 12.2 seconds average attention length for CTV ads
    • 71% of the time viewers in the “engagement zone” during CTV ad breaks
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